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Onna Blue Series...

Dimout 35-55mm
Seri SH101-SH116      Rp.479.275/M2
Seri SH301-SH304      Rp.479.3275/M2
Seri SH201-SH208      Rp.598.500/M2


Onna Gold Series...

Dimout 35-55mm ch 38 w/Valance
Seri SH101-SH116      Rp.544.350/M2
Seri SH301-SH304      Rp.544.350/M2
Seri SH201-SH208      Rp.663.575/M2

Dimout 50-75mm Chain 50 w/Valance
Seri SH401-SH406      Rp.541.025/M2
Seri SH501-SH505      Rp.566.200/M2

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An elegant dim-out fabric which is suspended in between two layers of sheer materials and allow sunlight to shine through the window. Shadow Blinds makes your window look beautiful by combining Horizontal Blinds and Roller Blinds into one single blinds. Not only it is easy to control, the sheer material also creates a soft ambiences in your room. Raising up Shadow Blinds will lift the fabric up into the headrail and give you wide open window without any blinds blocking the view. Shadow Blinds gives you the privacy and the light that you need in a stylish way.